Ear Guard with Adjustable and Flexible Strap Ear Protector for Mask

The Ear Guard face mask strap extender is made to address one of the biggest problems with masks. It relieves the pain behind ears which is caused by extended mask use.

Used by thousands people from front line medial workers to everyone wearing a mask for safety purposes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Face mask strap extenders pull elastic bands away from ears to adjust the tension and alleviate discomfort due to extended use of a face mask while keeping the mask firmly in place.   

  • PROTECT THE EARS – The Ear Guard is designed to keep the back side of the ears with far less pain when wearing facial mask extensively. It changes the ear loop mask into headband releasing the tension and allowing to wear the mask comfortably for a longer period of time.
  • BROAD ADAPTABILITY – Multi-level slots are compatible to different kinds of masks, and can  fit various head sizes.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN – The material is light weight, environmentally friendly flexible. It is easy to clean and reuse, fits perfectly to your head providing maximum comfort and has a long life. Ear Guard is safe to disinfect.
  • EASY TO USE – Just attach the hooks on the extender to your mask strap loop place over your head and adjust the other strap loop hooks on your extender to attach to the hook loops on the another side of the extender.

broad adapdability

Multiple level slots design allows to control tightness and adjust for various head sizes and face mask type. 


long term comfort

Comfortable, pliable material conforms to head without pressing or pressure providing a long term comfort

colors available

An assortment of colors is possible. May vary depending on the availability and order quantity.

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